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Influences: Comedy (part 2)

I felt my previous post on comedy went long, so I am writing a “Part 2” to delve more into stand-up. I love stand-up comedy. Absolutely LOVE IT! I’ve been a fan since the age of nine. I appreciate the art form. I respect those who do it. I admire, and am blow away by, those who do it really well. It’s entertainment at the most bare bones level. One person, with a mic, on a stage, in front of an audience, making them laugh. That’s it.

Influences: Comedy

If I strip it down to bare bones and avoid the whole nature vs. nurture, parents and childhood thing, there are two great influences on my life: comedy – specifically stand up comedy – and science fiction. Certainly other forces and factors impacted who I am and helped shape my worldview, but the bedrock, the things that have given me succor when I was most lost or most in need of a new perspective are comedy and science fiction. Each has a pinpoint specific moment of origin, a demarcation that definitively separates the before from the after.