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How Do We Do It?

“If you don’t know something is possible, you can’t choose to do it.” – Paul Hawken, Amory Lovins, L. Hunter Lovins Natural Capitalism Talk alone is pointless. The best ideas in the world are meaningless unless acted upon. Something must be done. There’s an old proverb that says, “You must give your prayers legs.” Hoping and praying and wishing for a thing will accomplish very little unless you do something. You can pray to your god for years asking to win the lottery, but you have to buy a ticket to have any chance of winning. If we want a …

Detroit’s Food Revolution

As Devita Davison notes in the video below, Detroit is in a unique position to make the most of urban agriculture. However, this is more than a trend. As populations continue to increase and arable land becomes increasingly scarce, all communities will have to being growing food within city limits. By the end of this century, no one will consider building a subdivision without including space for food production. No developer will erect a high rise without a green roof and at least one floor dedicated to growing food. This won’t be a choice. It will be a necessity.

How Will We Feed Ourselves?

Food shortage will be a major issue in the coming years. The impacts of global warming will only exacerbate the problems that an increasing population will impose on our already fragile food production system. Mass migrations, political upheaval, and starvation on an unprecedented scale will be the inevitable result unless we can mitigate the impending crisis. The core principle at work here is this: Infinite growth is not possible within a finite space. Yet, the delusion that infinite growth is not only possible but inevitable is at the heart of our economics. Companies function on the belief that they can …