Imagine a world designed differently…

Hi, I’m Tim. Welcome to, my website (duh!) wherein you may learn about me, which I’m assuming is why you’re here. If not, then you must be lost.

But seriously… the URL is a bit odd for what is essentially (mostly) a blog about sustainability, so why It’s not because I’m kind of a big deal. I’m not. But I did pursue a career as an actor and voice talent at one point, and a personal website is required for that type of thing. Casting directors want to know what you look like and sound like. Thus, I acquired my own domain name, and since I own it, I figure I’ll use it. So there.

My diverse career, if that’s what you want to call it, has primarily been in marketing. I have over 25 years experience crafting the message for organizations large and small, for nonprofit and for-profit. I’ve served as a public relations director, communications director, and marketing consultant. I’ve written press releases, ad copy, web content, blogs, plays, scripts, two novels, an ode, and a few limericks. I’ve been an actor, a radio announcer, voice actor martial artist, SCUBA diver, and Old West gunfighter. I’ve taken the road less traveled, and gotten lost in the brambles more than once. I’ve taken the traditional path, and been even more lost. I’ve smelled the roses, been pricked by the thorns, and shoveled the compost. I’m passionate about the environment, renewable energy, hiking, gardening, fitness, comedy, hard cider and margaritas. – but not necessarily in that order. I garden. I read. I think a lot. I’ve studied sustainability for over two decades and will be sharing my thoughts on that subject – and a few others – on this site.


Is a Metamorphosis Possible?

Is a metamorphosis possible? That’s THE big question, the one that consumes my thoughts completely if/when I allow it (and often when I don’t). Is it possible for human civilization to undergo a metamorphosis? Can we reorient the paradigm of civilization so that it heals and nurtures the planet while also providing food, clothing, and shelter for everyone? Might we alter or optimize how we live and work to create synergy between ecology and economy?

What happens when we imagine a world designed differently?

Better still, what happens if we actually create that world?

These are the things I think about. I’ve been thinking about them for a long time. I’ve learned that there are solutions to our problems. I’ve compiled them in what I call the Cooperative Community Core Content. It all begins with that first question, “Is a Metamorphosis Possible?” Click the links to learn more, and thanks for stopping by. – Tim