Cooperative Community Core Content

Many (if not most) of the posts on this blog are tagged CCCC, which stands for Cooperative Community Core Content. These writings attempt to convey the ideas, background, thinking, and philosophy behind the Cooperative Community concept. Hence the name.

Thus far, the posts include the following:

  1. Is a Metamorphosis Possible?
  2. Axioms
  3. Can We Design a Better System?
  4. What Happens When There’s No More Country?
    Balancing Ecology and Economy in the Age of Megacities
  5. Who’s Steering the Ship of State?
    Regaining Control of the Economic Rudder
  6. Is Sociocracy the Next Evolution of Democracy?
    Creating True Democracy in Companies and Communities
  7. Isn’t Cooperation Better than Competition?
    The Power of Mondragon
  8. What Makes a City Grow?
    The Importance of  Import~Export Cycles
  9. Is Money Working for Us or Against Us?
    Bernard Lietaer’s “The Eleventh Round”
  10. Can We Balance Ecology and Economy?
    Redesigning Cities for Sustainability
  11. What if We Treated Land Differently?
    Land Trusts as a Means of Creating Better Communities
  12. Why & How?
    The Case for Creating a Cooperative Community
  13. How Do We Do It?
    A Step by Step Guide to Creating a Cooperative Community
  14. Acknowledgements & Resources