How Will We Feed Ourselves?

Food shortage will be a major issue in the coming years. The impacts of global warming will only exacerbate the problems that an increasing population will impose on our already fragile food production system. Mass migrations, political upheaval, and starvation on an unprecedented scale will be the inevitable result unless we can mitigate the impending crisis.

The core principle at work here is this: Infinite growth is not possible within a finite space. Yet, the delusion that infinite growth is not only possible but inevitable is at the heart of our economics. Companies function on the belief that they can generate ever increasing revenues. Their shareholders believe this as devoutly as the executives. To do otherwise is practically heresy. As a species, we seem to believe it’s true for our population and food production as well.

It’s not and those that study it know better. Unless we take action now, we are in for a massive calorie shortfall that will have dire implications for us all.

In the Ted Talk video below, Sara Menker, founder and CEO of Gro Intelligence, discusses the coming calorie crisis.


So what can we do?

For one, we can better utilize arid regions for growing food. In the Ted Talk below, chef Pierre Thiam shares how an ancient grain called fonio might help meet the growing demand for food and jobs in sub-Saharan Africa.

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